Help a Loved One

Watching someone you love struggle with an addiction is not something that you need to go through alone. The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources offers support, education and resources. With the help of our recovery support team, you will be connected to someone who understands the challenges you face.

Contact Us

Contact the 24/7 hotline to speak to a peer recovery specialist about resources to help yourself while dealing with a loved one.

Know the Signs of an Overdose

Common symptoms: pinpoint pupils, unable to talk, pale or blueish skin lips or nails, cold or clammy, breathing is slow or has stopped, extremely sleepy or passing out, snoring, choking or gurgling sound.

Educate Yourself

Check out our available Resources here.

Carry Narcan

Narcan is a fast-acting medication that can reverse an opioid overdose. It is safe, legal and available without a prescription. Find out how you can get a Narcan Kit by calling/texting 201-589-2976 or emailing us at

Be Prepared to Act

Call 911 in the event of an overdose
Use Narcan if it is available (How to Use Narcan
Good Samartian Law

Learn About Available Treatment

Connect and identify available treatment for your loved one by contacting the 24/7 hotline and speaking with a peer recovery specialist.

speak with a peer Recovery Specialist